Fall Care of Perennials

We’ve had a lot of phone calls coming in about how to care for your perennials right now, so here’s a little crash course for our customers!

* Vegetables: When they stop bearing fruits/veggies, pull them out or till them in as a compost for your garden for next year

*Flowering plants: Flowering plants can be tricky, first of all you need to know when they bloom

If they bloom in the spring and were not cleaned up in the height of the warm months, then leave them until you begin to see new green emerging in the spring the folowing spring

If they bloom in the summer months, you can cut them back as soon as they are no longer producing blooms or buds on the plant, in the mean time if they are still blooming wait until they stop then cut back.

You can always go through and clean up the dead leaves as long as no more then a quarter of the leaves are brown/dying.

*Shrubs: DO NOT cut back your shrubs in the fall, it is best to wait until the following spring. By cutting them back now you will stimulate new growth which is very cold sensitive, thus killing the new growth and setting back your bush or shrub.

A GREAT RULE OF THUMB: If you aren’t sure when to cut it back, leave it for the spring!

As always if you have any questions post them here or call us and you might just see your answer here!